gc201040chriswaltonThis website is dedicated to celebrating the life of Christopher J. Walton who was accidentally killed in Burleigh Heads in Queensland on Sunday 23 December 2012. Chris will be remembered for his positive outlook on life, concern for the planet and love for his family. At only 54 years of age, Chris had experienced, learned and created so much. He had also successfully turned an ambitious vision into reality, by leading a dedicated team, to create an amazing sustainable community. He won awards for several achievements and we can now celebrate these, in our own way, to ensure his legacies live on forever. Chris is survived by his dedicated wife Kerry and strong son Finlay.

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125 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Bernadette Duffy said:

    Dear Kerry,
    Just a few lines to let you know that I am holding you and Finn in prayer to help you get through this time of deep grief. We all pass through the same door eventually and we are never given any reasons or answers as to why. Chris passed through that door defending the lives of those around him. That was a noble and loving way to go. I believe he is held in God’s hand and will continue to love and support you and Finn. I pray that you will be given the strength and courage to go on and the faith to believe that you will see him again and be reunited in your love. Death doesn’t get the last word. Love does.
    Bernadette. X

  2. cath elliott said:

    Darling Kerry and Fin… A piece of my heart goes out to you every waking moment. If there is anything I could do I would. Thank you for opening the invitation to share our feelings with you here.
    Fingal town is saddened, but priveleged to have had such a person take his solace and recharge from this special place.
    I myself have been face to face with that line of life and spirit, the eternal philosophical question – who am I? Chris is still teaching, guiding and giving even in his passing. He was a person who when he was present with you, there you could exist in resonance with another human being as equals, happy, irreverant, nerdy, humble, smart, altruistic. Chris and you Kerry have taught me of personal worth and the overflowing nature of the human spirit.
    I am blessed to have been a small part of his great life.
    ~ Cath

  3. Peter Young said:

    What a beautiful man, what a privilege to have known him. Chris’ awesome legacy lives on through his achievements, his inspiration and encouragement and love for others, and most of all through his wife and son. Regardless of all that you have lost, Fin, you can stand on the rock that was your father, and be proud, and face up to all challenges and achieve even mightier things. And he will always be your guardian angel, inspiring and nurturing, and loving you.

  4. Laura Aprile said:

    Dear Kerry and Finn
    I met Chris in Indonesia when he had his surf camp at G-land in 1988. The American surf camp next door was shabby, dangerously built and ugly…Chris’s camp had beautiful round large huts, little pathways to the restrooms and was so beautiful. The american camp used speed boats to get to Gland while chris used the local indonesian fishing boats……everything he did was tasteful, natural and the best it could be.
    He told me of his dreams to develop land and build without ruining and raping the land…….
    He was generous kind sincere and loved life and was motivated to share his love of life with others.
    What a joy to end up in Currumbin Valley in 2002, 14 years later and see him fulfilling his dreams…with his beautiful wife, his wonderful son and his beloved ecovillage…
    Chris was encouraging, brave, genuine and a pleasure to be around…he was a giver, a worker and a leader… An example to all who knew him and a blessing to the community.
    We mourn with you Kerry and Finn….you were both his motivation and the centre of his heart……
    The whole community is there for you…and although we can’t ease the pain please know there are arms outstretched for you both
    May God comfort you both in that place of ‘no comfort’, where we are not enough Xx

  5. Michael Upton said:

    Chris Walton

    Knew through

    – GECKO – gold coast environment group
    – Ancestral tones – choir ‘for men that can’t sing’ but who sang for joy and
    sadness in many places
    – Community cafes and local Gold Coast issues
    – Woodford Folk n other festivals
    – worked a little with Eco-village early on – but more so, was one of many excited
    by the vision.

    Remembered as a person who

    – was inspirational
    – had a twinkle in the eye and a ready smile
    – loved life, being with people and in nature
    – believed that being principled and ethical didn’t have to mean being an outsider
    – wanted to show a way mainstream could follow – another way of being and doing
    – travelled many places
    – sang to his son when he was born
    – was practical, calm and centred – even in a storm
    – was willing to share and give of himself
    – was ready for a challenge
    – had time and respect for all no matter who or where from
    – had both the vision and the determination to see things through.
    – not scared to dream in the clouds and yet managed to have feet planted on the
    – I considered a friend, even though there was so much more to him than I knew
    and that life had taken me far away from his place.

    From today

    – a sadness and grief that he is gone too soon, especially from Kerry and Fin
    – a sense of loss, knowing that the world is better with people like Chris
    – a sense of missed opportunity for one last chat, of not trying to catch up when I
    last visited Qld and at the time not knowing that ‘if not now then never…..’
    – while his dream had just begun to take shape, know there were many around
    him who shared the same dream and will carry on……
    – know that we are blessed to have people like Chris who shine brighter than
    most, as a beacon for those who are looking to follow a similar path….
    – that in our hearts we can carry some of the spirit Chris showed throughout his

    Chris, go and rest well in a better place

    michael – Tarawa, Kiribati

  6. Kylie Mitchell-smith said:

    We will miss you but know your legacy will live on-promise to make kez laugh and keep finny inspired by his friends and uncles….’you’re a master of change’
    Love you Kylz xx

  7. Susan Locke and Trevor Edmond said:

    Chris was a gentle man whose passion for living sustainably was shared as love. I remember his genuine interest in people’s ideas and lives. That in death he showed that love for others is moving beyond words as much as it is heartbreaking. Trevor and I knew him only a little, but even that little was enough for him to have been inspiring for our own journey of following our dreams. To Chris’ family we can only imagine how devastating this is. So so hard. Much love to you and all the carers working to support each other through such loss.

  8. It’s difficult comprehending this terrible loss and we send our thoughts and love to Chris’ family. A wonderful man not long enough on this planet. Sara

  9. greg h said:

    One had the great privilige to work on the Currumbin ecovillage for and with Chris and the team. Chris gave me that chance and I most appreciative of the opportunity to work on such a visionary and groundbreaking project.
    A good man with a good heart who was one of the few human beings I have met to actually take a stand against the tide of “self centred” development that is increasingly destoying this marvelous earth.
    Chris showed with his lifes work that perhaps we humans can begin to change our consciousness and design our settlements to take into account not only the well being of the human stakeholders, but also be mindfull and sensitive to the affect our actions and human settlements have on all over life forms that we share this planet with.
    His actions will increasingly be shown to not only be visionary… but also ethically and morally sound.
    Right Action..

    Thank you so much Chris.
    A true leader.

  10. Bronwyn Charles said:

    Dear Kerry and Finn
    I knew Chris through the process work community and remember when, you – Kerry, and Chris first shared the vision of the Eco Village at a POP workshop. I met up with Chris at process work events, gatherings with mutual friends or through bumping into him at different times at the Gold Coast, he was very dear to my heart. I felt utterly devastated hearing of the loss of Chris. To me he brought so much richness, inspiration, kindness and joy to our world and the community, and this will always live on. The words that keep running through my mind are – a true community man!
    I have been thinking of Chris and you both since his loss, lighting candles, and praying. Sending you so much love at this difficult time.
    If I can do anything at all I am here.
    Love from Bronnie Charles

  11. Sam Whitcombe said:

    Thinking of Chris and Kerry brings a smile to my face any time of day.

    When I think of Chris and Kerry, it takes me back 20yrs ago when I was only 10. I remember the laugher, adventures, good times and innocent fun our family shared with Chris and Kerry during our multi-day adrenaline filled canoeing/ camping trips down the Nymboida River.

    Capsizing out of the Canadian Canoes down a tricky line of rapids or enjoying pure nature as we paddled down a quiet stretch of stream – it was always fun to be sharing this moment with Chris and Kerry.

    Camping by the river at night, Chris kept everyone entertained with his larrikin humor and his positive attitude to life. Under the full starry night sky and circled around a roaring camp fire, he always had a great story to tell which he would deliver with enthusiasm and 100% dedicated in the moment.

    May these memories last forever. In the past, present and future, Chris is a hero. This forum is a celebration of Chris, his life and family!

  12. Susan and Jamie Hannah said:

    Kerry, So so very sorry to hear about Chris. We are thinking of you and Fin and are sending our love to help you through this very difficult time.

    Jamie and Sue Hannah

  13. Rob and Jacqueline Tyrrell said:

    Chris touched our lives and many peoples lives through his genuine care,love and respect of people around him and his passion for life and the values that make life worth living.He had the ability to lift you up by his comments and genuine interest and a willingness to help and support others.His accomplishments in the Eco Village and all groups that he was involved with speaks volumes of his vision, skills, leadership and determination to stay loyal to his ideals and complete that which he truly believed in. He is a man worthy of great honour and we have been blessed to have known him even in a small way.
    Our hearts are very sad at his passing and we will continue to keep you, Kerry and Finn in our prayers.
    Rob and Jacqueline Tyrrell

  14. Gwenda said:

    Our condolence goes out to Fin and Kerry for their tragic loss, words cannot convey our sadness, if we can do anything please don’t hesitate to call. Bischof Family

  15. Conn Prosser said:

    This morning’s paddle out was beautiful. Attended by an astonishing number of mourners – surfers, non-surfers and many more from the dry land of Currumbin Alley point – chris’s spiritual home.
    I swear i’ve never seen so many people for so few waves. Having said that, once the circle assembled out the back, the swell picked up – a sure sign that mr.walton was with us all in spirit, and having a laugh with the water.

    The first conversation I had with Chris culminated in “it’s a deal” The last conversation i had ended with “go on Conn, there’s a wave for you!”

    Cha, zac and I will continue to enjoy the ecovillage, along with the rest of the community for years and years to come. An inspiring legacy.

    I hear the swell is always up in heaven. Rest in peace

    Our hearts go out to kerry and finn

    • To know this family was to absolutely love them. They encompassed you within their genuine love, care, concern and compassion. Real people who made a difference. Chris was a true visionary and we lost something very special on Sunday. No surprise that he was warning others and thought of them before himself.
      Kerry and Finn, I cannot begin to think what you are going through. Please know that you are in my thoughts all the time. I am so pleased that we have great memories of fun times to recall when the tears fall.
      Love you both

  16. Maureen Inglis, South Australia said:

    I met Chris through Process Work Intensives in Queensland over a decade ago and had the privilege to work with him on a few occasions. We met again at another Process Work event in Melbourne almost 12 months ago. Meeting Chris again then was just as if we had continued on from the spot we last had contact 10 years before. And again we had the opportunity to work together as well as have informal discussions.

    As so many of the tributes to Chris have already stated, he was a beautiful and inspriing soul who will live on in memory in so many of us he has touched in his far too short life. I have not known Kerry or Finn personally but have certainly heard about them through Chris. My thoughts are with you both. And to Chris ………….. wonderful journeys in your transition from this world.

  17. Kim, Dave & Hugo said:

    This mornings ‘Paddle Out’ was the most beautiful way to celebrate an amazing life. We were honored to be part of it, as we are lucky to be part of the Eco Village. Kerry and Finn, we are thinking of you. Lots of love. Kim, Dave & Hugo xxxx

  18. David Logue said:

    I met Chris in 1998 when researching a university assignment on international developments. His Tiger Surf Camp at G-Land (Indonesia) that he developed in the 1980’s gave me not only perfect material for my assignment but some of the best stories I’ve ever heard. I’ve been retelling them ever since to wide-eyed audiences everywhere.

    He introduced me to the perfect, grinding waves of South Straddie and the adventures of canoeing the Nymboida River. He was the smiling, chatty guy in snarling, crowded surfing line-ups who always seemed to get heaps of waves which never seemed to upset anyone. His terrific stories, outlook and sheer ability to do incredible things despite the odds enthralled us all. By simply being his own unique self he blazed an amazing self styled trail through all manner of situations, social and business circles and kept achieving idyllic goals. Often this was to the bewilderment of the stuffed-shirts, nay-sayers and lounge-chair experts that quietly envied his achievements and positive outlook.

    To be around Chris was simply hanging on and enjoying a wild ride. He provided insights that I think I’ve been subconsciously incorporating for a while now. I’ll miss him a lot. Although I feel a great sense of loss at his passing, I now realise how grateful I am for knowing him and having him as a friend, mentor and surfing mate. See you on the other side brother.

  19. Martin Trama said:

    From Martin ,Colleen and John Lot 245 of Kerry and Chris’s eco vision.
    Kerry and Fin what an outpouring of love to which we add our own.My memory of Chris is of a very funny man with more passion than a bad Easter play.I had to laugh when I gave him that firewood and he thanked me for possibly improving his love life.His joy at sifting through ,what to the untrained eye, appeared to be junk, but was to Chris the most valuable building material since the invention of gold leaf.Thank you both for providing Colleen and I the means to create our own vision as you both did for so many other eco nuts.
    If life has any meaning it is the universality of love and the manifestation of this as the spirit in all things,of course Chris lived this and we were honored to know him. Love

  20. Errol Amerasekera said:

    It has taken me until now to find words to express what I want to say. I am so sad for for of us, indeed for the world, to lose such an amazing and generous elder, care taker (on all levels) and steward of the planet. But I am especially sad for you, Kerry and FInn, for your deep and tragic loss.

    As I watched the video last night of Chris talking about the Ecovillage, I was reminded of that cheeky smile of his and the gleam in his eye he so often seemed to have. I know he also experienced challenging times and that smile and gleam might not always have been there, but they are what I remember when I think of Chris.

    I wish that I was “enlightened” enough to be able to talk of other journeys and worlds for you Chris. But even in your passing you are challenging and confronting me with big questions….. like what it means to be human, how to live more sustainably and how to take better care of each other by not taking our own life and the lives of our loved ones for granted.

  21. Alan Richardson said:

    So many feelings and thoughts of you Chris,
    I have enjoyed being in this world with you and clearly the difference you have made in and for this world is remarkable. Even more remarkable is the spirit in which you created so many new worlds, especially ecovillage a passion over the decades mixing people and the land together. Your love, passion and determination which lives in a world of its own.
    Your forever cheeky smile and that sparkle in your eyes… and I have to say .. your wicked sense of humour, but really …. dying under the collapsed façade of equity house .. you would have a myriad number of one liners on that topic.
    What is amazing and important and so you is how you are hardwired with the impulse to help others to survive. Such a wonderful life lived and a spirit to carry forward.
    much love to you and thinking of you Kerry and Finn,

  22. Eloise Bourke said:

    I think that this is a great and beautiful website dedicated to and man who really deserved his life to be celebrated by all of his friends, family and loved ones
    Love Eloise

  23. Bill and Phillipa Hinz said:

    Dear Chris what a sad day, such a wonderful friend, family man, adventurous spirit, caring and passionate always about the world you love.
    Stand out memories of Nymbodia River canoeing trips and the young Kerry and Chris visiting us in the Kombi van so many years ago full of love and dreams of the future.
    There can only be one Chris Walton, we have never met anyone quite like you and will miss you terribly.
    Dear Kerry and Fin our hearts go out to you, out thoughts, prayers and a lot of love are with you both.

  24. Delwyn Langdon said:

    I’m not sure exactly when I met Chris and Kerry but I think it was around 2003/4 when they showcased at the EcoCentre their vision to build the Ecovillage @ Currumbin. Traveling the world looking at best practice and bringing back ideas which formed the vision that is now an internationally renown sustainable development and something to be so proud of. Chris was a true gentleman, a great guy and an inspiration to all those in the sustainability sector. This tragic accident reminds us how precious life is. Not to be taken for granted for even the good guys can be taken from us in a heartbeat. My heart goes out to Kerry, Fin and their families. These are dark days for sure but surrounded by love and support I hope these days become better as time goes on. With love Delwyn & Ella. xxx

  25. Stephen and Laura Canning said:

    We only have positive uplifting thought when we think of Chris. Lots of love to Kerry and Finn, our thoughts and love are with you both.

  26. Greg Swain, Pt Arkright said:

    From our first meeting over a vegemite toast at Upali’s tea house at Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka in 1982 through to so many wonderful times over the years (especially Christmas morning daybreak surfs at Alex Bay, Noosa) we watched Chris mature into a happy, healthy and peaceful man.
    So many good times to remember … long mobile chats as we swapped stories and wisdoms through the various stages of our lives. Chris’s adventure to Cape Cross National park in South Africa. Or climbing a mountain in Morocca. His setting up and running of Tiger Camp at GLand etc etc.
    Truly the surfing adventurer not afraid to venture out by himself on some faraway reef break.
    A great mate through the years with many, many laughs.
    I rejoice in the privilege of having known Chris through those formative years.
    My great sympathies to Kerry and Fin.

  27. It is with some considerable regret that I confess I didn’t know Chris very well.

    Really, our relationship – polite as it was – never really transcended a few cheery conversations here and there at get togethers with mutual friends and the odd nod in the Alley car park while we both battled wet wetties or tied boards to our respective rooves.

    I knew who he was of course – being a neighbour of his brainchild I’m well aware of the fruits of his passion, and our social circles intersected to such a degree perhaps we should have been more familiar to each other than we actually were. And now that he’s gone, and I sit here and read such a long list of heartfelt messages and watch on as his friends grieve so deeply after such a horrible shock, it is fair to say I missed an wonderful opportunity to get to know a pretty special bloke.

    I do, however, know Kerry a little better. For that I’m truly thankful. I will always be grateful for her warm welcome when we first moved here and how totally out of the blue she was first on our doorstep with a pre-cooked meal when we were sleepless and shoulder deep in nappies after Peggy’s arrival three years ago. It comes as no surprise to see her so surrounded by such energy and spirit now.

    Kerry, to you and Fin I offer my deepest condolences. But if even a flicker of light can come out of something so terrible, at least you can rest certain that you are among a quite extraordinary throng who will love and care for you unwaveringly.

    My thoughts are firmly with you both.

    And Chris, may you rest peacefully.

    Matt Webber

  28. Guy and Annette said:

    I first met Chris when I joined Ancestral Tones all male choir in 2003. He was from the first meeting a larger than life character, a magnetic light pulling people inward and energizing them with his passion. Annette and I are eternally grateful for your shared vision, the Eco Village which is Chris’ legacy, the place we now call home. Thank you so much for creating this magnificent community. To Kerry and Fin our heart goes out to you and as part of this community we’ll be here supporting you in any way we can. With much love Guy

  29. Josephine Neale and family (currently in Burma) said:

    Dearest Kerry and precious Fin

    We are so far away but tears flow as I write my personal thoughts. Please know that my arms are wrapped around you and Fin and that we share your terrible grief.
    Kerry – the day you came in to Chris’s life, he was the happiest and most content that I had ever seen him. You made his life whole. Fin was the the icing on the cake! What a wonderful loving family.

    We shared so many happy, funny, crazy times together over the past 20 years.
    The crazy trio – Chris, Kerry and Col.- who can forget the dinner parties especially where Chris and Col would tell of the adventures overseas in France. Of course, they would break into their mock Monte Python French accent trying to outdo each others anecdotes.

    Chris’s infectious high powered laugh left everyone in his company on a natural high. We were lucky to know him.

    The effect of Chris’s life have been profound and will live on in you and Fin and all those peoples lives he touched.

    Dearest Chris – Go to God in peace and love.

    Jose, Rex, Tim, Amy, Ryan and Alice

  30. thank you Chris for your vision warmth laughter smiles faith acceptance and creating an eco village to inspire councils and countrys world wide how to care for the planet & create a home life style in synchronistic harmony.
    we will truly miss your cheerful smile and sincere conversations

    our hearts go out to you Kerry and Finn
    love joy & john

  31. juren wernick said:

    G’day dear friend Chris, it is now a week ago that you have left us. A week of unbelievable happenings, your terrible departure, we just can’t come to terms with it, why? Why did this have to happen to you? A loving husband, a caring adoring father, a mate, a dreamer, a visionary, our guru, our champion, and we could go on and on. You, my dear friend made things happen. Your smile and laughter will carry us and will make things a little easier.
    When we as the first residents were building in your baby, the Village Of Eco, you gave us so much part of your life, your believes, your love of the glorious country and its people, but you gave us more, much more. Thanks to you we were given the opportunity to meet people to make friends who were working and thinking on the same level, you gave us the realisation, that we can make the world a better place, for us, our children and grandchildren. You made the rules, you set the bar, but you also gave us the feeling of being a community, were we can laugh and cry, and my mate, believe you me, we have done a bit of the latter the last few days. Your dream is taking shape and the world is watching and we will continue to work to make it happen.
    We have been privileged to be your friends, to sit at the same table with you, and day in day out, when we are in Australia, we are part of your working monument. Yes we are proud to be part of your dream.
    And don’t you worry about your dear wife Kerry and your wonderful son Fin, we have them in our hearts, we will envelop them with our love and will care for them.
    Fare you well our dear friend, the world has lost you, but your dream lives on.
    Auf Wiedersehen.
    Catharina and Jurgen

  32. Kish Kidd said:

    Rest in Peace Chris. If there’s a community of ANGELS up there, then they are now all the richer. Thank you, from the kangaroos, the birds, all the other wildlife, the waterways, the air, and the earth down here where we live, and each of us who met you. I can’t recall ever seeing you without a broad smile and warm sunny atmosphere around you, and this is how I will always think of you. Love, Kish. .

  33. Clare and Den said:

    We first met Chris in 2005. We watched his dream transform from a conception to a reality. A unique environment , the Eco Village , has been created, that only someone with his drive and passion could do.
    I recall dancing in the Old Dairy Hall with him ( picture to follow ! ) laughing euphorically after a fantastic village day with the opening of ” The Bridge .” We have Chris and Kerry to thank for some of the fun filled times of our lives when living in the village and for all our friendships that will be long lasting
    Thanks Chris and are thoughts are with you all
    Much love Clare and Den

  34. Patrick Lynch said:

    It is hard to honour a friend. In the most simple terms I am grateful to you Chris.

    I am grateful for all the squash games, for you being the Master of Ceremony at my wedding, for all the sharing at Process Work trainings & workshops. Like so many others I experienced your warmth,huge laugh, caring & wisdom.

    But most of all I am grateful to you for demonstrating what true commitment & passion for your life purpose looks like. I was often amazed at your dedication, capacity for hard work, your sheer stick-to-it-ivity.

    You and Kerry turned a vision into a reality. You are a genuine world worker. You are, and will continue to be, an inspiration to me. I am grateful to you. Thank you.


  35. Sarah Forman said:

    It has taken me this long to be able to put words together – I have not stopped thinking about you Kerry and Fin with heartfelt love and prayer.

    Chris was first described to me in 1988 as ‘a really great aussie bloke’, in the context of travel buddy and valued friend. I then met you Kerry in 1992 when you visited us in the UK and Chris in 1995 – as a couple you two were always true soulmates who together have achieved amazing things! I remember feeling impressed and inspired as we all poured over maps of the GC in our little dining room in England, listening to Chris speak of his dream of an ecovillage and his vision for community…wow, his legacy speaks for itself; those dreams became reality as we all know. It is our connection with Chris that brought our family to the GC 17 years ago; I will always be deeply grateful for knowing him.

    Many words to describe Chris have floated into my conciousness since last sunday when we heard the tragic news of his loss. I can only add to what many others have already said… Chris was courageous,adventurous, advanced for his time, on a higher mission, a true visionary, a real leader, deeply concerned for our planet, infectiously funny, a great storyteller, passionate, kind, giving, a friend, dedicated to his purpose, commited to community, caring, energetic and quite simply a really remarkable guy.

    Thank you for being MC at our wedding Chris – it meant a lot at the time and always will.

    Thank you for your love, support and inspiration.

    Thank you for being in our lives.

    Kerry and Fin may you be wrapped in love always xx

    Sarah xxx

    With heartfelt love from Laura, Rosie and Tom too xxx

  36. Peter Aubort said:

    My earliest recollection of Chris, in his suit and classic fedora hat, cruising Surfers Paradise in my old ’64 Falcon after an early morning surf on our way to work. He was one of those perfect surf buddies, always up for the early and pumped, no matter what the swell was doing.

    On a big southeast ground swell at the Alley you knew who would be out there when most people found some other excuses, Chrisso, Pearson, the chief et al. In a moment when your own judgement and courage comes into question, there is comfort in the company of the small brotherhood of men who come together in one of nature’s most unforgiving moments. Chris was a life member of that brotherhood.

    Some men spend their life as if it’s a rehearsal for something yet to come, but you can’t practice for life, it’s like a battle, and only in the heat of battle will the true warrior emerge. Chris faced life as a true warrior. He truly lived the life he had been gifted, he spoke his mind with volume and surety, he did things his way, he was proudly eccentric, he was a larrikin, he strove to get a result at all costs, he was his own man and chiefly, whatever you think of a guy like that, he influenced others just by being alive. I don’t know so many men like that. We really couldn’t afford to lose this one.

    To Kerry, you picked a special one in Chris. The two of you made a formidable pair, complementing each others’ talents, inspiring the community around you.

    To Fin, know that your father was a man, as God intended a man to be.

    To Chris, the brotherhood endures with the strength of your memory and the sure sense of your spirit in the ether. I’ll miss your frothing stories mate, even on the fifth telling, I still loved ‘em.

    Farewell my friend.

    The Aubort family
    Pete, Sarah, Jack, Noah, Kai and Poppy

  37. Chantal Tulliez said:

    “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal.”

    Albert Pike

    This I believe is what Chris achieved with your love and commitment to his vision…

    Dear Kerry and Fin, I know that you are blessed with many caring friends Their love and support will help you through this difficult time…my thoughts love and sincere sympathies are with you both…

    Chantal xx

  38. Sally MacKinnon said:

    All these stories and memories about our friend Chris are incredibly beautiful, inspiring, funny, heartwarming and they are filling some of the gaps in my heart and my loss of words to make meaning with his passing. I’m so grateful for the sharing…I still can’t find the words so am falling back on Leonard Cohen’s words of wisdom:

    “Ring the bells that still can ring,
    Forget your perfect offering,
    There is a crack in everything,
    That’s how the light gets in”

    I’m so grateful to Chris and Kerry for their friendship, inspiration, laughter, irreverance, creativity, guts, generosity…for all the hilarious and serious times…for all the love…

    Sal and Huon MacKinnon xoxoxo

  39. Aldo Gentile said:


    I met Chris over 3 years ago, he introduced me to his project the Eco Village, he was so proud of his development expressing his views openly with me, he wanted to know whether I would start a Tai Chi class at the Eco Village. He felt it was the right place to enhance the Tai Chi qualities of peace and harmony in this natural and tranquil environment. Chris expressed his willingness to learn Tai Chi, demonstrating a passion for Tai Chi which was infectious. After knowing Chris for a while, anything he felt that was great and beneficial, he fully embraced and wanted to share with his friends.

    Chris was my Tai Chi student, my friend and a determined, intelligent, noble, and caring person full of life. During his last Tai Chi session of the year, we spoke about how Tai Chi had helped him through difficult times in his life, that it made him feel uplifted, more relaxed and at ease with himself. He also told me that while practicing his form that evening he was excited to have experienced a deep connection, Chris expressed and demonstrated a sense of bliss. I felt that Chris had reached a sense of peace and harmony within himself which was strongly felt in his presence, truly reflecting a change in his life.

    I feel lucky to have known Chris, spending time with him while he was learning Tai Chi was simply a delight. I will remember him as a wonderful, dear person for ever.

    I will miss you, but will never forget you. I salute you my friend, rest in peace.

    My sincere condolences to both you and Fin, I feel deeply saddened for your loss. We send our love and blessings and wish all the very best for you both.

  40. Dear Kerry and Finn, Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with you during this tragic time of Chris`s passing. We have fond memories of you as a wonderful, loving and generous family and wish you all the very best for now and your futures.
    Love Suzanne, Jarrah and Madaline (cvss family).

  41. Joanne Dean said:

    To my cousin Kerry, growing up I was always remember u as a happy full of life person and looking at your photos u and Chris are kindred spirits and have a happy gorgeous boys to attest to that love. We may not have all been close for the past years sad to say but Chris obviously was a person to know in ones life and u were lucky to have each other most people don’t get anything that special in there lives. The whole family is sending there luv and biggest hugs. Hope to see u again soon other than under theses circumstances next time. Luv JoJo

  42. tony hale said:

    I just want to send my condolences to the family of Chris Walton.
    We only met the once at the end of October by chance at a bowling alley as my family and I just happened to be playing on the lane next to him. We informally chatted throughout our games and he gave me his business card before we left.
    Chris was clearly and wonderful friendly man and I was extremely saddened to read of his passing in the Bulletin this week. Judging from the reports and the photographs of the paddle out in Currumbin he will be greatly missed.
    We wish the family well and a speedy resolution to normal life.

    With kind thoughts
    Tony Hale and Family

  43. Harlee Sawachika said:

    Dear Kerry and Fin,
    Mere words feel so inadequate in trying to express our sorrow for the loss of your wonderful hubby and dad, Chris.
    Clearly by this beautiful site, he was deeply loved and respected by so, so many people.
    Of course this comes as no surprise. Chris always had a way of inspiring those around him. His genuine enthusiasm and friendly nature always made everyone feel special and valued.
    We feel blessed to have had the honour of his friendship for some 25 years. To us, Chris has been a work buddy, a flatmate, a brother figure (at times, guidance officer!), best man but more than all of those, he has been a cherished friend.
    He was someone whom you may not see for a long time ( which has been the case at times), but, when you did, it was always the same.. The cheeky grin and “Walt -style” wit. Everyone knew it, everyone loved it.. His frienship over the years never, ever changed or felt different. You always felt better for seeing him. Always.
    Tragically, after our last catchup this was not the case.
    We hope so much that in time both you and Fin can take some comfort in knowing that Chris was at his jovial best, taking time out to catch up with old friends. He was chatting and joking about “the mal” as he often did ( apparently one of many he had his eye on – weve only just discovered!). He was his usual beautiful self, entertaining all around him. And he was laughing..
    As a family we truly appreciate how “lucky” we were on that awful day. However, to lose a great friend like Chris feels anything but.
    In fact, we feel luckier to have had the chance to know such a lovely man. He achieved so much and gave so much. Just as for you Kerry and Fin, and countless others, Chris will always be our special hero..
    Sending you much love, and wishes for comfort and strength always
    the Webbers, John, Mary, Harlee, Jillian, Harrison and Fletcher.

  44. Ross Lanyon said:

    I first met Chris in the 70s when he came to work in Central Qld as a Land inspector with the QG.We had a great time in those days and strangely thats where he first started surfing, with many great times at Farnborough beach, Agnes Water, Double Island, Indo and the North coast he may have started his sustainability thinking in this period as we constructed and used an illegal shack on the Discovery coast.His passion for the surf and things coastal followed him through till his untimely and tragic death. We continued our friendship when he started his journeys around the planet and even as our lives changed with different paths he was always solid. We even had our own language he was Lom and the greeting was Nit Brut might sound a bit wierd but that was the way it was. I loved the guy and will miss him immensely. I was constantly amazed at him energy,focus and commitment .My wife Kris and sons Nat & Jake send our heart felt condolences to Kerry and Fin.

    Ross Lanyon

  45. David Jinks said:

    To Kerry and Finn… but especially to Finn.

    Finn, you may not remember me, but I will never, never forget your father. I write this because I felt it was really important that you know just how unique and special Chris was. He was a true visionary and a faultless ambassador for nature.

    From the early days of the Ecovillage, I will forever cherish the memories of spending many hours over many years with Chris, traipsing through the yet-to-be developed land. He had already walked and studied it extensively and was hungry for knowledge about the native vegetation. He was unrelenting and outwardly passionate about preserving as much vegetation as possible within the confines of the development. Every time we found a new location of a threatened specie he brimmed with excitement. What a joy that was! To see someone in his position so humbled and affected by the presence of a threatened species! Most people in his position don’t have the slightest interest in the nature of their land, yet Chris’s excitement was genuine and infectious. He was so proud to know that he could design a development that preserved some of the most important plant species in the country, indeed, on the planet. And that is exactly what he has achieved.

    For decades I have worked with Gold Coast developers, identifying their vegetation. Within the rules it was and still is typical for developments to remove trees and vegetation to make way for roads and houses. To most it is just green stuff in the way, but not to Chris! He was a one-of-a-kind. Instead, he moved and re-designed roads and house blocks to save trees and vegetation! He preserved large natural areas and showed with classic form that development and natural areas can coexist in relative harmony. He understood the importance of biodiversity, and the negative impacts that humans can inflict, or instead choose to avoid.

    The Ecovillage is a living monument to Chris and is an inspiration to many. The large areas of vegetation, including many thousands of threatened species, have been retained purely because of his profound understanding of the importance of preserving local biodiversity.

    People remember Alex Griffiths (instigator of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary) for the foresight and legacy of retaining natural areas of Currumbin Valley. Without question, Chris is in the same league. Chris will be remembered by many as a champion of nature and for raising community awareness of the importance of living sustainably and understanding the role of natural areas.

    Chris was my hero, and I will miss him greatly. I am a better person for having known Chris.

    The planet needs a few more Chris Walton’s.

    My sincere love and good wishes to you both.

    David Jinks

  46. Juliet said:

    Chris and I did Tai Chi together, we had a class after the main class. It was always a pleasure to see Chris’s smiling face and be greeted with a hug.

    Our last lesson before the Christmas break was a memorable one, (even more so in hindsight). Chris was noticeably more relaxed than he had been, with tales of his trip and how very touched he was by the generosity of people to him of late. Chris and I had been learning the last section of our Long Form, for what seems like forever, that is just getting the moves in the right order! That night the three of us, Aldo our Si-Fu, Chris and I did the whole form, seamlessly, in the slowest time ever, taking nearly an hour. At the end of it, Chris was so blissed out by his experience of not only the energy moving him, but the total connection he felt with not only us, but everything at that moment. Chris grabbed us both together and just hugged us, the love he expressed was palpable (even more than normal). Thank you Chris for such a beautiful evening and what turned out to be an amazing farewell.

    We will miss you Chris, but you will always remain in our hearts. This world has truly lost an amazing man that did make a difference in it.

    Kerry and Fin, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Much love to you both.


  47. sharen curtis said:

    Dear kerry and fin..
    I first remember meeting your family at cvss when fin and my two children were only little. We were again to meet at the Aubort family social soccer games. I have such wonderful memories of friendly competitiveness, fun and smiles.
    The years have passed quickly and although we may not have seen you often i remember Chris’s kindness, warmth and openness to chat and catch up when we did see you both. I was terribly saddened to hear of Chris’s passing and the loss you must feel is unimaginable.
    Kerry and Fin our thoughts and love are with you.

    Sharen, Tahlea and Joel Curtis

  48. Chris you will be greatly missed, mere words are unable to capture the full impact of your life..but thankfully your deeds and actions have. You sudden departure from this life cannot be explained and remain another of life’s sad mysteries for those of us left behind.
    Thank you for your vision to create and build such a beautiful place in which to live, restoring our natural connection to the earth and providing an ever improving wildlife habitat. The amount of passion, work, thought, sweat, perseverance and commitment expended to achieve such an iconic and significant project which is the EcoVillage at Currumbin cannot be measured. To dare to dream and do something different to the status quo of “housing developments” in our Australian culture especially convincing all the various entities of what is possible is truly remarkable and stands out as pivotal. I would like to believe the design philosophy will become the new norm, we have already seen major fundamental changes taking place at both grass roots and board room level as a direct result of others experiencing and seeing what has been achieved by your efforts and visions.
    I’m saddened you will not be able to experience that changed future, but my expectation is that future will be lived through the lives of others you have influenced and touched. The world is a better place thanks to your life.
    Rest in Peace and satisfaction.

  49. Nicholas Trueman said:

    I have known Chris for over a decade and he was such an amazing influence on my life, and those of everyone he met. No words can do complete justice to how much of an inspiration he was to me personally and to so many people. One particular conversation we had as we drove back from watching the Dalai Lama talk, and the wisdom he shared, will stay with me forever. He will be so greatly missed, but his amazing legacy lives on.
    Kerry and Fin, I don’t have words to describe how sorry I am and am thinking of you at this terrible time.

  50. Helen and Samih Nabulsi said:

    Although we only met Chris once or twice, we thank him and Kerry from the bottom of our hearts for creating our beautiful home and community. We’ve thought of you often in the last few days Kerry and Finn, all the very best for tomorrow’s celebration of Chris’s life.

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