gc201040chriswaltonThis website is dedicated to celebrating the life of Christopher J. Walton who was accidentally killed in Burleigh Heads in Queensland on Sunday 23 December 2012. Chris will be remembered for his positive outlook on life, concern for the planet and love for his family. At only 54 years of age, Chris had experienced, learned and created so much. He had also successfully turned an ambitious vision into reality, by leading a dedicated team, to create an amazing sustainable community. He won awards for several achievements and we can now celebrate these, in our own way, to ensure his legacies live on forever. Chris is survived by his dedicated wife Kerry and strong son Finlay.

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125 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Deborah said:

    From one set of 9 1/2 toes to another….every time I see my footprint in the sand I remember your story of being on holiday as a boy and terrified that the man who owned the boat you and your brother had snuck on to and damaged would be able to hunt you down because of your distinctive foot print!..I can still see the scene you described – the sun, the sand, the blue sky, the boat bobbing on the shore line, the guilty footprints only you could own, you hiding – desperately hoping he wasn’t on your trail…

    I think it surprised all of us how quickly we all felt like family once Fin and Luca brought us together…having left so many of my family type friendships behind in WA I was so hungry for that kind of connection- and you and Kerry and Fin became the perfect weekend escape for us – whether it was at your place or down at Fingal with my Tarago pod attached to The Mother Ship…it is so hard to accept that we won’t get to hang out anymore or take that trip to Moreton Bay Island with the boys we had planne, or for you and Fin and Luca to finish off the Man Pad in the garden..I treasured your friendship, Chris, loved you for the generosity of the time you gave to my boys…to the core of your being you understood that fatherless boys need men…you had so much love to give and such a big heart with which to give it…I trust that spirit lives on in the men you call brothers…and you know we are always here for Fin – always..

  2. Chris, privileged that you returned my call at 11.28am on your last day on this earth. For if every man did strive and achieve what you did in such a small number of years, the world would be a very different place.

    Your passion and focus in spite of the mainstream has left a legacy that will out-live all of our memories of you as a man. For generations to come the Ecovillage will educate and inform the rest of the world… what greater gift can a man give?

    Your stories at lunch always had me enthralled and so long as these are repeated amongst mates your spirit will live long.

    Kerry and Fin, you need only ask and hundreds will rally.

    Heartfelt condolences, Paul & Kylie

  3. angelasunde said:

    Darling Kerry, you have been in our thoughts and prayers each day. I know your inner strength of character, effervescent spirit and warm heart will help you in the days to come. We send you and Fin our love, support and strength.
    With deepest heartfelt sympathy and warmest hugs, from Angela, Rob and family.

    Chris, the Gold Coast, Australia and indeed the world are better places for your passion, inspiration and joyful heart. Thank you, Chris, for your vision.

  4. tim smyth said:

    Chris: still can’t believe youre gone, too soon, too young. We never talked history, so I was delighted to learn about your adventurous and colourful early life today, and undoubtedly you’ll continue to inspire others to live life to the full and change the world for the better. My fond memories of course revolve around Ancestral Tones, singing and good times at Woodford Festival. We had a lot of fun trying to get a quartet going with Robert n Hoggie hey.

    Travel well mate, you’ll be forever missed.

    Love, blessings and heartfelt thoughts go out to you Kerry and Fin

  5. Brendon, Helen, Joe and Lauren McCarrison said:

    A few years ago, we were lucky enough to meet the wonderful Chris, Kerry & Fin at Fingal. Brendon had been chatting to Chris out in the surf as they waited for the perfect wave and they arranged for us all to get together one night for dinner.
    Pretty soon, Chris had us all magnetised by his magical ability to recount a good story – from crazy backpacking adventures in Europe and Africa to adventures closer to home. Chris’s enthusiasm for life was totally infectious and we absolutely loved him for that. He truly valued the simple things that really matter: his family – his beloved wife Kerry and treasured son Fin, friends near and far, nature and exploring the great outdoors.
    At the moment, we are far from Australia in snowy Japan. We are smiling as we remember Chris enthusiastically describing his wonderful ‘80’s multi-coloured onesi ski suit! According to Chris, it was just the thing to keep cosy on chilly Currumbin winter nights!
    We will really miss our beautiful friend Chris and the warmth that he exuded. Kerry and Fin you are in our hearts and as we read all the posts, we feel heartened to know that like us, there are so many, many people out there ready to sweep you into their arms and help share your loss.
    All of our love, Helen, Brendon, Joe and Lauren McCarrison

  6. Tom and Jane Kerr and family said:

    Dearest Kerry and Fin,
    We can’t imagine the ecovillage without Chris – like a sky without stars.
    All of us have one life – everyone. Most of us make a little difference to the world. Many of us are fortunate enough to leave our precious children as our contribution. Chris did so much more. He was a visionary who left an indelible impression on our lives and this fragile world he loved, cared about and planned for.
    Hopefully his untimely passing will remind us of life’s blessings and awaken us to the benefits of caring, love and developing community….and in particular about protecting the future of The Ecovillage – Chris’ lasting legacy.
    We hope the outpouring of love and support will sustain dear Kerry and Fin at this time and always.
    Sending our love and deepest sympathy.
    Tom and Jane Kerr and family

  7. Mandana said:

    Dear Chris,
    So glad to have had a brief chance to know you in form
    I saw a man of passion, vision and an innocent, generous and loving heart
    I felt personally welcomed and appreciated by you and Kerry
    Welcomed to live your dream – our shared dream
    On our special piece of the Highlands
    In this special community you gave to your All
    I somehow cannot think of you in the past
    For That which animated your body is surely alive and well – a shining star
    And will now live through all of us, here, now and every day to come
    May the love that so abundantly arises in this special place of your dream
    Help soothe the broken hearts of Kerry, Finn and those close to you
    Who will miss you badly in form in the years to come
    Love & Blessings, Mandana

  8. Amanda, Travis, Eva and Hanna said:

    Dear Kerry and Finny

    How we were looking forward to having lunch with you and friends on that Sunday. Just to sit and hangout over yummy food after our 2012 year.

    I will never forget ringing you after you arrived in James street…

    You mentioned that it is hard to believe that Chris has really left us, I too hear his voice still (bounding around in my head) and for those lucky enough to live in ecovillage paradise I guess we always will.

    I know we talked last week about my last conversation with Chris about the toilet (of all things). As always it was as passionate about anything else he talked about.

    I once went walking with him in the highlands. I won’t forget it. So many things I learnt about the nature and History. He had us climbing and walking everywhere. This was in preparation for the walk we held for the public. He wanted to showcase it all so we had a hard time convincing him that it would be a big enough walk with what we had proposed. Always pushing the boundaries!!! I did however want to go and get everyone in the ecovillage and take them up there and show off this amazing area right on our doorstep.

    I know Travis is going to miss him terribly and his Friday afternoon tennis games. He could talk to Chris about anything and I sometimes wondered whether any tennis was played!!!

    My girls love you and Finn so much and so there will be lots of cuddles from them in 2013. Watch out Finn!!!

    Big hugs to you both.
    Amanda, Travis, Eva and Hanna xx

  9. Andrew Schumacher said:

    Devastating to hear that the world has lost another ‘good one’ far too early.

    In my first posting as a School Principal, I was fortunate to find myself surrounded by the beautiful environment and caring community of Currumbin Valley. Being a little school of around 70 students, Chris, Kerry and Fin were a big part of this community and played a strong role in welcoming and supporting me during my two years at the school.

    In a world where parents seem to spend less time with their kids and take a more back seat role in their education, Chris was definitely an exception. I have fond memories of Chris rocking up to school in the Eco- village Humvee ready to transport our kids off to various excursions and afternoon activities. Whether it be fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, skirmish or learning to surf, Chris would be there as an active parent and of course, showing us all how it was done. As a parent myself, I admired the way Chris would take time away from his busy schedule to concentrate on the more important things in life, like his family.

    To Kerry and Fin,

    Unfortunately travel commitments prevented me from attending the services last week. I really wanted to pay tribute to a true gentleman and convey my thoughts face to face. My wishes and strength are being sent your way and I’m thinking of you as you begin to make your small steps forward.

    Love from ‘Mr Shoe’.

  10. Christine Sandrib said:

    I am at a loss for the words to adequately articulate the sadness and shock I feel.  I have read several accounts of the accident and it is certainly of no surprise that Chris would have acted in such a way to put others before himself.  I am so, so sorry.  My heart aches for you, Kerry and Fin, and for all of us whose lives were touched by Chris’ wonderful spirit.  

    I have such vivid memories of his warm smile, infectious laugh and the way his eyes would light up when you would enter the room.  You were given a precious gift to have loved and have  been loved by such a man for his abbreviated time on this earth.  I celebrated the happiness of your recent engagement on a most memorable flight from Nairobi to London.  I shared the joy of your happiness as you began your married life together atop the highest point in Ireland and now I am sending big, warm hugs from Florida.  

    With love, Christine

  11. Karen Collins said:

    A story….
    ‘She’ found her twin flame after many trials on this earthly existence.
    ‘He’ immediately saw her heavenly charm and gorgeous smile and she was to be the ONE.
    He loved surfing and had an affinity with the land which drove a deep desire to care for and nurture it.
    She found a beautiful soul and her talents were embraced, helping the vision and everything started blossoming into reality.
    Their efforts were to be realised and he became a role model for those that were caretakers of the environment. It was a shining example of truth, a village for a sustainable future.
    They travelled widely in their search together and found a power place where intense spiritual energies worked through them. The location held memories of previous souls and their sacred rituals.
    Their divine thoughts and intentions created a new soul,,, his name was to become Fin and as a cherished one, came to enrich them. Their spirits rejoiced in his birth and he was loved deeply. They both sang acapella songs to him as he rested in their arms. The music circled his heart and bathed him in a shimmering light.
    Joy was ever present.
    Their love of music, the land, nature, water, travel and friends helped their plans in leaps and bounds. All were in awe of their abilities and devotion and life continued to help develop their dreams and aspirations. Their task wasn’t without its pitfalls; obstacles came from all sides to challenge their resolve. Their hopes and desires continued to bring them new realisations and all was good.

    When at 54 his time on this earthly plane was at an end, she felt the separation intensely. The original twin flames were now changing form, lifting into a different dimension. He continued to send love to them; it came through all the efforts of friends near and dear. Every friends sincere words, every friends offer of help, every action, it was all a sign. He radiated an eternal love from afar.
    Although he had gone back to the source, his light would continue.
    And so it is.

    • Karen, I cannot believe how amazing your words are. I cannot tell you how much they made me FEEL again. I cannot think that I’ll ever be the ‘same’ again. Thank you for such beauty and thought. You made some things make sense.

  12. will collins said:

    Still finding myself stuck for words. I couldn’t write anything at the funeral and I still can’t find the words to express my feelings. Still finding myself in shock and gutted.

    Below is the poem I read out on the day, as many expressed their desire to see the words.

    Here we are gathered
    toward the setting sun.
    Chris, Tarry with us this evening,
    before you travel far away on your adventurous path to the spirit land.
    Halt – on your journey,
    and turn your eyes back toward us.
    Look again upon those who loved you,
    and whose days are spent in tears.
    Rest as you journey toward the setting sun where your new home is.
    Encircled with the red leaves of mourning, we grieve for you.
    The drum of passing over is beating.
    Weeping we would follow you, yet you go far away, by a perilous path to the spirit land.
    Rush forth o’ guardian winds and bear our loved one gently on his way.
    We weep for you Chris, and despair in our home.
    But guided by the goddess you shall safely reach your new home,
    gliding over the shimmering sea to rest beneath the glowing tide.

    Farewell my good friend, you lived well, loved hard, and loved life.
    May you live on in true peace.

  13. The Pike Family said:

    Such sad news. Our deepest and heartfelt sympathies to Kerry and Fin.

  14. Cheryl (on behalf of The Natural Edge Project team) said:

    So sad to hear the news of Chris’ sudden passing. He was – and will continue to be – an inspiring mentor who demonstrated day by day the power of being in action for sustainable development. I will always remember our team’s visit to the Currumbin site in the early days, wandering over the landscape with maps in arms, imagining the development and then seeing it unfold over the years! He certainly left the world a better place for his existence and will provide us with extra determination to make a difference in our lives.

  15. Luke W said:

    Vale Chris.
    I will remember you.
    My thoughts are with both Kerry and Finn.

  16. Kerstein Trueman said:

    After more than a month it is still so hard to believe Chris is not in our lives anymore.
    He will be so very sorely missed – as we celebrate milestones of our children and of our lives at the village and in the Valley, we will always miss him. He was someone we thought we’d grow old together with and who would always be part of our rich and colourful life and family. He gave us so much and we will always be thankful. We will miss his love, his leadership, his integrity, his stories, his jokes, (his flirting!), and his wisdom. A beautiful soul, and our world is a lesser place without him in it, but we will always be grateful to have shared some of his life’s journey with him, and to be enjoying his legacy. We are thankful to have Kerry and Fin in our lives and will look out for them always. The Trueman family.

  17. The service, ceremony, and wake for Chris were a life changing and life healing experience. Thank you for opening up such an amazing, honest, loving space to celebrate and honour and remember and share. It was the most sincere, caring, open ceremony and wake I have experienced. The energy of love outside and in the upstairs room was beautiful and honest, and so supportive when the tears welled; feeling myself be rocked by waves of grief and love was a little overwhelming at moments but mostly just amazing.

    It wasn’t until I got home and awoke the next day I realised how profoundly healing that shared experience was. I have struggled with depression and at times suicidal thoughts for over 20 years. When I woke up, I had a whole new feeling inside, of positive energy, of persistence, and inspiration, and the joy and excitement of living a life, not knowing when it will end, but not letting that stop me from embracing it fully. The depression and suicidal thoughts have slowly vanished! Amazing to be freed of something so persistent over such length of time – I have been given new life, a chance to live what life I have left fully.

    Something I read on the back wall was that someone said the best way to pay tribute to the life lived by Chris, the way he lived it, is to live in a way that reflects that. I am too. Thank you Chris, and thank you everyone who shared that day. To all Chris’ family, and friends, it was a privilege to hear about your lives together. I see that Chris lives on not only in nature but in all who knew him. My thoughts and love are with you Kerry and Finn. Blessings.

  18. Many of my friends did have the opportunity of meeting Chris before he was tragically killed in an accident just before Christmas 2012. For those of you that never were fortunate enough to meet this man, here is a 6 minute clip, and it is a must see. Chris was a man’s man, someone that was not only an inspiration to his family and friends, but one who showed that to be a man is not just about bravado and brashness, but a man who was not scared to show and share his emotions, a man that was prepared to follow his dreams and beliefs. We miss you Chris, but Thank you for what you shared, created, and taught us. Also a Big Thank you to Jeff Licence for making this footage available. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxQ82W5RGZg

  19. Kerry Shepherd said:

    A week ago a dear friend of our family, Fraser Trueman, hopped on a plane and went to Spain. He was beginning his ‘trip of a lifetime’. A 3 week hike on the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage – The Camino.

    I asked a very weird thing of Fraser: “Would you take some of Chris’ ashes with you and choose an amazing place that reminds you of him and leave some of him there?”. Chris’ uncle Pierre from France has done the pilgrimage 13 times and each year that he visited us here on the Gold Coast for his southern hemisphere trip he would tell us of his story and Chris, the eternal traveller, would be thrilled and excited all over again.

    HE wanted to do the pilgrimage, he was inspired. We probably would have done it together. The chance is now gone.

    Today Fraser sent a message via text to me: “Hi Kerry, today I placed Chris’ ashes at Alto del Perdon (Hill of Forgiveness). An amazing pass through dozens of wind generators. The wind up there was 80kph and I was thinking of you and Fin and Pierre and Chris while I was there.

    RIP Chris….my darling xx

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